Virtual Yard

Everyone knows the problems of managing owned plant, equipment and vehicles. Has it been serviced, who has it been allocated to, what job is it on and what condition is it in?

The Virtual Yard has been specifically designed to overcome the problems of vehicle and equipment management. The construction site management software allows you to maintain a central database of assets and allocate them to people, contracts or yard.

Your HSQE Manager, Fleet Manager and Warehouse Manager will use the Virtual Yard to manage the compliance aspects of your vehicles, plant and equipment, the allocation of your plant and vehicles to your sites, and the distribution and management of materials from your warehouse, all in real-time.

The Virtual Yard allows you to:

  • Amend equipment and company vehicle details
  • Add notes and photos
  • Reallocate equipment to staff and vehicles and reallocate vehicles to new keepers
  • Complete inspections for both equipment and company vehicles, including their associated SmartForms
  • Fill in additional SmartForms

Go straight to equipment records by scanning a QR code label on the piece of equipment. The construction management software automatically generates QR codes of all items, allowing you to tag equipment for easy scanning and identification.

For service managers it is a real advantage. It provides them with monthly schedules of what needs to be done with warning systems when items fall outside service dates.

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The Virtual Yard incorporates all the advantages of EasySmartForms.

This makes it simple for you to schedule things such as vehicle inspections and get the workforce to complete the task via their mobile phone. Information from the construction management App is automatically updated within the central database which can be administered from desktop computers.

It also includes a requisitions module that provides visibility of equipment availability and location. Equipment can be allocated to depot, staff, vehicles or contracts. Many clients use the module in conjunction with EasySmartForms to receive vehicle returns direct from the driver via the EasySmartForms App.

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EasySmartForms from Propeller Studios on Vimeo.

The Virtual Yard gives you the accurate compliance status for all of your equipment.

This detailed database will provide a live view to update you on the status on all equipment in the database, as well as their location and their service history. Standard forms can be created to manage service activities and reports generated to provide information that can be used in continuous improvement activities.

A high degree of detail can be recorded against each vehicle you own, such as; an overview of all the vehicle details and compliance items, its keeper(s), a list of important reminder dates, its mileage, all the inspections and SmartForms completed against it, a SmartForm scheduler and reports, plus tasks, notes, and photos.

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