Planned Maintenance & Reactive Works

EasyBOP Planned Maintenance software is designed for companies who contract planned maintenance and responsive repairs projects. It is an easy to use, planned construction maintenance software solution, favoured by companies such as United Living, Breyer Group PLC, Osborne and OnSite Central Limited.

Everyone uses it to store information in a way that is easy to find and share

The business project management software is a central resource for everyone working on a project and provides a unified team management software solution for administrators, resident liaison staff, project management teams, quantity surveyors and most importantly - clients.

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EasyBOP planned works module is proven in the industry.

Our planned construction maintenance software processes will be familiar to anyone working in this sector. Each contract is built around scopes of work, SOR documents, works instructions, communications protocols, standard forms and property locations.

The construction management tools reduces administration time and creates a paperless working environment in which forms are completed electronically and available in the office within seconds of them being completed on site.

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There are dozens of features that will be of value to your project teams:

Process Management, Compliance, Communications, Mobile Working, Valuations, Cost Reports, Time Management, Vulnerability, Appointment Management and Validation Surveys as examples.

One of the features of the planned works and responsive repairs module is the ability to import and export data to other computer systems, such as Oracle, Accuserv, ProMaster, Open Space and Orchard. Functionality that is becoming a requirement of government contracts.

The good news is the planned construction maintenance software works as well on site as it does in the office. Everyone is collaboratively working with the same information and contributing to the overall success of the scheme.


The type of information that our existing users collect using EasySmartForms, our construction management App, on planned works projects include resident surveys, white goods surveys, handover certificates, snagging lists, daily diaries, risk assessments and method statements.

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Read about our 15-year track record of delivering ground breaking planned works and responsive repairs software solutions with United Living Ltd.

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