Modernise how your forms, checklists and company documents are completed. Offline. Online. All the time.

EasySmartForms is a proven contracts management solution for all types of construction project.

EasySmartForms allows you to record information on site simply, file it in the right location, and have it returned to the office in real-time.

Our easy to use, construction management App, allows your staff to complete forms on iOS and Android devices. In fact, you can schedule when you want them to do it and send reminders when they don't! These typically include:

• Site Diaries
• Attendance Records
• Check Lists
• Health & Safety Documentation
• Surveys
• Compliance Forms

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The Benefits of using EasySmartForms

  • The construction management app is simple to use, so very little training is required.
  • All forms are digital, saving you money on paper.
  • Forms are constantly updated with the latest version accessible for all staff.
  • Time-saving for your workforce.
  • Reports are automatically emailed to nominated managers
  • The App works offline, so Wi-FI is not needed.

Our construction site management software is used by organisations of all sizes, including OnSite, Osborne, United Living, Enviraz, Roofglaze, Cablesheer and many more.

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Updating forms and scheduling their use

When you're happy with the content of your EasySmartForm you simply publish it! The system automatically updates your staff with the new form, or version of an existing one.

The scheduling tool provides an easy way to make sure forms are completed by the right person, at a set time and on a certain day.

Find out how EasySmartForms can help your business

EasySmartForms will make your processes more efficient. The smart form technology reduces the time taken to record and use information, are cost effective and have a simple licence model.

And it’s not “rocket science” for your staff to use the offline app to transport their documents from site to office to board room at the click of a button.

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