Modernise how your staff fill out standard forms and company documents.

Improve internal communications, increase efficiency and save time.

The Problem: Projects generate a lot of paperwork. It’s time consuming for your managers to complete and expensive for you to administrate. The chances are that you employ additional staff just to file it away and create reports with the information.

The solution: EasySmartForms will make your processes more efficient. They reduce the time taken to record and use information, are cost effective and have a simple licence model.

Translate your current documents into a digital format that allows your staff to complete them quicker. And it’s not “rocket science” for your staff to use the off-line app to transport their documents from site to office to board room at the click of a button.

Download the app

It’s easy to download the App from the Google Play store and iTunes. It will automatically synchronise with your office system and you’re ready to go in seconds.

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Better control on compliance documentation

Forms are never out of date. The moment you change and publish a form, it is updated on everyone's device. Fewer mistakes are made in completing out of date forms.

Save money and time

As forms are all digital, there are no costs to print or transport them to and from the office. Furthermore, they are quicker to complete than paper-based forms and completed forms are automatically compiled into reports.

Better information

Increase the quality of the information and evidence you record by using the wide variety of tools available in every SmartForm, such as; photos, geo-location, signatures, multiple choice, and current weather conditions.

Better communication

Bespoke reports based on the information recorded using the App can be automatically emailed to people in your own organisation, and your clients as well!

Clear audit trail

Non-compliances can be recorded across all SmartForms. A live register makes it easy to manage the status of all non-compliances, who is responsible for completing it, and what actions have been completed to close it out.

Simple and hassle-free

The app is very simple to use. It works offline as well as online so can be used absolutely anywhere. It also requires very little training.