Simplify contract management with greater accuracy

EasyBOP, our construction contract management software, provides an administration framework for your team. It creates consistency across your projects. Be confident that your project teams are working to the same processes, and information is being collected in a reliable and consistent format that promotes efficiency and profitability. It provides an excellent bird's-eye view of contract performance and progress.

Recommended modules


Docs provides a central location to store files. The document repository includes the ability to edit online and view revision histories. The module features security functions, locking files or folders to specific staff members. Filing systems can be automatically created for opportunities and contracts allowing consistency across all projects.


The contracts module provides a central register of all contracts. A wide range of functions are available for each project. This assists project managers, administrators, quantity surveyors and SHEQ staff to keep all relevant information in one place and work to a consistent process. Functionality examples include: drawing registers; timesheets; requisitions; cost to value reconciliation; valuations; RFI; SmartForms; contract email address and compliance management.

HR & Training

The HR module provides tools for you to administer all aspects of staff employment, including training, holidays, absence, appraisal, system usage, equipment and their personal and professional information. It is fully GDPR compliant with options to allow staff to view their own records.

Notice Board

This module is used by managers and staff to publish notices and information. Many of our clients use it to distribute Health and Safety information. This notification system can be used to publish mandatory notices that require staff to read and acknowledge their understanding of the information provided. Reports provide a clear understanding of what has been completed and what remains outstanding.

Virtual Yard & Requisitions

The Virtual Yard module covers all aspects of servicing company vehicles, plant and office equipment. The equipment management software also includes a requisitions module providing visibility of equipment availability and location. Equipment can be allocated to depot, staff, vehicles or contracts. Many clients use the module in conjunction with SmartForms to receive vehicle returns direct from the driver via the SmartForms App.

Work Planning Calendar

The module is used to plan future work activities for managers and site-based staff. It interacts with other modules in the system to provide visibility of training courses, holidays or absence. It also interacts with timesheets to prepopulate entries, making it easier for staff and supervisors to provide weekly information in an electronic format.

Planned Maintenance & Reactive Works

This module is based on our award-winning product Flag. It was created for the PFI pathfinder schemes in 2004. Constantly developed for over 15 years, it provides a complete solution for the management of any size of contract. Examples of functionality include letter sends, appointments, text messaging, work scope, compliance documentation, SOR or BOQ administration, progress, valuation and invoicing. It is used by all members of the contract team including administrators, liaison staff, site managers and quantity surveyors.

Smart Forms

The module provides you with an extensive tool kit to create digital forms that can be completed on a desk top computer or using the SmartForms App. Examples of their use include H&S information, Risk Assessment, Vehicle returns, Resident choices, client sign off, surveys, appraisals, photographic histories and many more.


This module allows the issuing of tasks to other team members. Activity examples include opportunities, contacts, equipment, orders and many other functions. Tasks allow you to record ‘no-fail’ completion dates. You can flag priority tasks and add attachments. Central registers and email communications keep you up to date with what has been completed and what remains outstanding. Tasks are received via the Smart Forms App keeping people up to date whilst on the move.


The security module enables you to control what each user can access in your EasyBOP account. Access and visibility to every function in EasyBOP can be regulated in the Security module and security templates allow you to create standard views for different contract roles. If these are updated they update all staff attached to them.

Other modules available

CRM & Estimating

The CRM acts as a central location for client information, order history and enquiries. New enquiries are recorded and administered to a defined and easy to follow process. The system has been modelled on the requirements of contractors and provides many options to price work and issue enquiries to the supply chain. It includes a drawing register that acts as a common working environment for pre-construction documentation. It has a wide range of reports aimed at business development staff and pre-construction managers.

Suppliers & Ordering

The module is a comprehensive supply chain management solution. It covers aspects such as issuing and managing enquiries, compliance, membership tiers, order placement, order administration, enquiries, costs and reporting. The module fully integrates with other modules allowing accurate figures to be provided to contracts staff on costs accrued to date.

Invoicing & Credit Control

The module provides a unified location to record and administer invoicing produced from contracts, planned and reactive works. It allows invoices to be issued electronically as well as providing debtors lists, activity reports and statements.


All apps can be used offline. The technology allows them to be used, regardless of a signal being available to communicate to the desktop system.

EasyBOP SmartForms App

The App allows users to complete SmartForms, fill in timesheets, respond to tasks, or access personnel training certificates.


The App allows users to manage contracts on-the-go, including updating snagging lists, filling in the site diary, and allows for an easy and convenient way to approve work.

Planned Maintenance Administration

The App allows users to complete compliance-based tasks for works instructions by recreating the process monitor from within the main system. It receives appointments information for mobile working, allows texts to be issued to residents and progress to be recorded by the user.

Planned Maintenance Financial

The App allows users to complete the financial aspects of a works instruction, such as recording quantities of items completed relative to BOQ or SOR information loaded into the main system. It also features the ability to undertake validation surveys, including linking photographs to works items and locations.

Virtual Yard

The app covers all aspects of servicing company vehicles, plant and office equipment. It also includes a requisitions module that provides visibility of equipment availability and location. All data is stored in the secure database.

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