Integrate EasyBOP with other software

The ‘Communications’ module enables data input into EasyBOP to be transferred to other software solutions.

As an example, information gathered using the EasyBOP App such as resident colour choices can be seamlessly converted to a PDF file format, the file renamed to a specific naming convention and forwarded to a third-party software solution in real time. This significantly reduces the cost of duplicating administrative resources for you and your client.

The benefits of this functionality are:

  • Ability to create an unlimited number of transfers on an unlimited number of projects
  • Fulfilment of your client IT integration requirements
  • Scheduling the frequency of your transfers to suit your communications protocol
  • Using proven industry standard technology and processes

Integrations do require the technical knowledge of an IT department and we are always available to undertake these tasks for you if the service is required.

EasyBOP has been successfully integrated with:

And can be integrated with any system that accepts SFTP transfer of files and import of data via flat file formats.