Snagging Lists

Our snagging App records defects and issues snagging lists with ease. No more walking around writing out notes and snapping pictures. The snagging list feature provides a time-efficient way of recording, distributing, and signing off defects.

Set Up Locations

The system allows you to set up locations for a contract, such as floors and elevations. It allows you to allocate suppliers and staff. It also provides a default classification of defect type.

Record On Site

Recording defects could not be easier. Create a list, add a default rectification date, and then add the defects themselves. Use the phone camera to show the problem and use the microphone function to dictate any explanations required.

Issue the List

Press the issue icon and the list will be broken down into allocated tasks. The list is automatically distributed to the person responsible by email, with an attached PDF providing full details of the requirements.

Mark Off Completion

Marking as complete or adding notes could not be simpler. Both functions are easily accessible from the mobile device. The system provides warnings about overdue items, allowing your staff to keep track of what is outstanding.