Site Diary

All professional companies use site diaries to record daily activities on their projects. Our application provides a powerful tool for recording progress, quality, and H&S issues. It also records attendance, deliveries, and the issue of contractual notices.

Clear Calendar Layout

It is simple for site staff to add information – from the desktop or mobile App. Select the day and the type of information you want to record. Entries are recorded against staff or suppliers, meaning you retain a unique, time stamped record of what happened each day. Pictures allow you to tell comprehensive stories of how the works unfolded and the reports section allows outputs for any selected supplier or person.

Easy Access to Asset List

The site diary links within the orders module to provide delivery reminders and equipment can be managed from within the Virtual Yard.

Works Online and Offline

Information can be recorded even if there is no Wi-Fi. It works on iOS and Android systems. The App seamlessly transfers entries to the desktop once it establishes a connection.

Evidence-Based Reporting

The site diary fulfils contractual and compliance requirements. It is an invaluable tool in dispute resolution as we can certify the dates of entry and content of the diary. Pictures and contemporary entries are powerful evidence in disputes.

Record Health & Safety Incidents

Health & Safety Incidents are a focus of the App. Entries automatically trigger email alerts to staff nominated by you.

Vendor Rating Scale

Attendance includes vendor rating of suppliers, allowing you to keep a daily barometer of how sub-contractors are performing using a simple 5 star system. This information is available for others placing orders within the supplier module.