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Who we are...

We are a family firm with over 120 years in the roofing sector delivering a variety of roofing solutions to commercial and domestic clients.

The problem we faced

The recording of information on live jobs was a problem. We had too many paper forms that were either not being completed, not submitted on time, or lost. This was potentially disastrous as these forms provided the evidence we needed to get paid.

Our contract management process and reporting also needed improvement. We struggled to verify the progress of jobs, and therefore were unable to report accurately to senior management or clients.

We relied heavily on Microsoft Office to manage our site and contracts processes. This worked well when we were a smaller business but we had outgrown it. Contract documents and drawings were being saved to desktop PCs which prevented staff from working flexibly.

Finally, communication needed to be improved. We needed a solution that was easy to use and communicated accurate information to the right people at the right time.

"We are on a journey with EasyBOP, we trust it and it is fully integrated into my business. It is difficult to single out one particular function that has proved to be the most beneficial, however the item that has provided the biggest win for us is the ability to configure pre-defined business and contract process."

Director at a roofing company

The solution

We received some marketing from Propeller Studios about EasyBOP SmartForms and experienced a “light bulb moment”! Propeller appeared to offer a solution to exactly the issues we were experiencing. We could use the EasyBOP Planned Maintenance module to configure the process for completing works instructions on our framework contracts, and we could use the SmartForms App to record information directly relevant to pre-defined processes in each works instruction. This construction management App would replace all our paper forms.

We realised that EasyBOP would benefit the business as a whole and prove fundamental to driving quality and compliance.

Results and Experiences

We use EasyBOP to manage every aspect of each job. Our internal and external communications have improved dramatically. EasyBOP processes are easy to follow and have achieved buy- in from site teams. Customised SmartForms have simplified the gathering of management and invoicing information. The cloud-based platform and mobile App have enabled flexible working, improving morale and productivity.

Modules such as CRM, Suppliers, Invoicing, HR and Work Planning have simplified decision-making. EasyBOP benefited every aspect of the business enabling us to grow.

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