"I am very happy with the solution, It delivers on our requirements."



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Who we are….

We are a successful main contracting business working for select blue-chip clients operating across a range of market sectors.

The problem we faced...

As we grew, our systems became outmoded and overwhelmed. Document control needed to be regularised and our process for managing drawings and documents needed improvement, as did compliance with company procedures. Drawing registers were not being kept up to date; Drawing files were not being named according to protocol; File statuses were not being kept up-to-date.

We had no central document control process. Information was sent around by email which was far from ideal. There was no audit log and no reports available. We couldn’t find anything and so wasted time and money printing drawings that had already been printed repeatedly.

The result was disorganised folder structures and inaccurate drawing registers that were hard to manage. We couldn’t rely on our files supplying the correct information to subcontractors or clients. Overall, our manual processes were cumbersome, time consuming and demoralising.

We needed to go digital and realised software offered a better means of managing contract information and files. We had to find a construction management software solution that was intuitive and easy to use.

“I am very happy with the solution. It delivers on our requirements and has made a tremendous difference to the way documents and drawings are managed. I believe nothing is ever prefect, and there is room for further development with EasyBOP. I look forward to working with the Propeller Studios team. It’s a really good solution, I like it and I want to develop it more. We are moving in right direction and I remain committed to EasyBOP”.

Director at a construction company

The solution

After trying several solutions which failed to deliver we met Propeller Studios and immediately saw EasyBOP’s potential, particularly the Contracts module. It was clearly designed by people with considerable experience of the UK construction sector.

Every project has its own drawing and document register configured to the specific requirements of the contract. The drawing register and document register functions have transformed the way we manage. The processes and procedures bring certainty and clarity to contract management which has led to a huge reduction in the amount of time spent administering drawings. We now have complete confidence in the drawings and documents we manage.

Other EasyBOP functions were also highly relevant; we could see how the platform would provide solutions across the business. These included the management of company and contract compliance and staff training. It was the perfect fit!

Results and Experiences

EasyBOP has made a massive difference to our business. The Contracts module is invaluable. It has provided clear pathways and processes to follow, enabling us to efficiently manage contract drawings and documents.

We expend a fraction of the time used previously on administration, greatly improving communications and freeing staff for more beneficial and rewarding work. We can now confidently access the correct versions of drawings and documents as required.

EasyBOP’s simple but effective processes enable us to efficiently manage our business bringing huge savings in time and money.

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